We are a small independent Gaming subsidiary of Playpal Inc. that loves its indie roots. We aspire to soar to greater heights in the global gaming industry and challenge the current gaming medium with our new take on traditional Games, With Keeko we intend to revolutionise the mobile games segment by creating interactive entertainment which challenges the gaming industry, with a strong focus on health, education, and motivation. Games are a creative and recreational outlet for most players. Most people play for a chance to suspend reality and enjoy experiences they would not otherwise have time for. ES stands for our casual and FPS game genre. Our team is always experimenting with new ideas and tools to play with. Our Games are Free to play and you can use your Fitcoins (earned trading your daily steps) to upgrade characters, buy store items and boosts.


   Almost everyone knows about the most popular adventure games but there are some games that goes under the radar that is why we have curated this list for the underrated adventure games out there, these games are so good that they will keep you busy for rest of the year.   

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   One of the hardest parts of lockdown is the inability to see friends and family as we normally would. We all need to do few interesting things while we are stuck at home, luckily we have games that can help us in killing our time, we have curated a list of games that will keep you busy during your quarantine.    

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   You are right, the music and effects are truly top-notch.